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                          2024-08-03 16:19 by Sarah Denninger
                          in Life Stories , 12 references
                          I found the van yall

                          I found the van. The Van. So I am selling my Nissan to get the cash I spent back and put it towards the van I found. Its a 2003 Chevrolet 1500 conversion van. IM getting an inspection tomorrow and when that is done, if things work out I will purchase it and really take a step forward in my journey. I would also start living in it for the two months I would be on the road so it would be a good indication as to what I need to do to get things ready for more trips. If you guys wish to help out then there is a donation button on the right-hand side of the page. If you wish to purchase an art piece click here to go to my gallery. 

                          Every cent counts and I appreciate each and every one of you. 

                          I do hope that you can continue to help me out and follow along on my journey

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                          2024-07-31 12:21 by Sarah Denninger
                          in 电脑如何浏览国外网站 , 9 references
                          Part 3 is coming soon

                          I'll be posting the next part of my Colombia series in the next few days. This last part will be about the coronavirus and how it affected us and others around us at that time. I will say that I still have the same feelings that I did right from the very beginning so if you feel different that is ok. I know everyone is getting hit by this differently and I know everyone is going to have different opinions on the subject and I respect them. I just think hat the coronavirus and the way that this is being handled is very poorly done on the government side and of course on the media side. The only reason this blew up was because the media has blown it out of proportion and now people in the medical system are lying about the numbers when it comes to people who have actually died form the virus itself making the charts way off. 

                          Its a time in our history that I am sure we will look back on and shake our heads. 

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                          2024-07-29 11:06 by Sarah Denninger
                          in Artwork , 16 references
                          Seven left, help me out guys!

                          I have seven art pieces. For sale.如何浏览国外网站 

                          ITs kind of exciting to know that I am so close to getting rid of all of these pieces of art. You guys have been a huge reason that so many of them have sold and it been amazing that you all are still supporting me and my journey. In less then three weeks I take off to travel across the United States and I couldn't be more excited about that. So please check out what I have left in my inventory and see if you guys are interested in any of the remaining pieces in my gallery. Click here to go check it out. Down below are two pieces of artwork that are not only affordable but unique in their own ways. 

                          Thank you guys so much. You are amazing and I hope you will continue to support me. If you don't want to purchase an art piece you can click the donation button on the right-hand side of the page. 

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                          2024-07-27 11:46 by Sarah Denninger
                          in Life Stories , 22 references
                          Lylah Album

                          I've been taking as many pictures of Lylah as I can. She is growing so fast and it's crazy to see her development. I just want to share all the photos I have gotten so far with you guys. She is such a sweetheart. 


                          If you wish to donate click the button on the right-hand side of the page and if you want to purchase an art piece click the link here to go check out what I have left in stock. Seven pieces are all up for grabs!

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                          2024-07-26 11:38 by Sarah Denninger
                          in Artwork , 53 references

                          I am so close to leaving I can taste it. One of my friends that lived in this area just left for her big yearly trip and I am so jealous of its unreal. I want to take off, explore, live, eat, breathe the adventure and I still have three weeks until that happens. So of course I am trying to get everything done, get my plan drawn out, and go from there. Life has been a rollercoaster so I am doing my best to juggle everything that I have at the moment. With Lylah, its been a lot of getting up in the middle of the night, training, walking, and so on. There are so many things happening and so much to look forward to with her and even though I'm exhausted I'm ready. 

                          So I ask that you guys take a look at m Youtube channel. The latest video is down below so watch, like, and subscribe today. 


                          While I am on the road I will be posting videos of my travels, what I experience, and so on. Of course, for those of you that have a furry four-legged friend I will also be posting where those friendly places are so that you guys can go there as well. If you wish to donate then click the link on the right-hand side of the page. Any amount helps me on my travels and helps me with keeping food on the table. Times are rough and I am doing all I can to prepare for this journey. Also, check out my artwork. I have seven pieces left for sale in my gallery and I plan to make some more before I leave on my trip so check out what I have in stock now and see if any peak our interest

                          T minus three weeks! So exciting 

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